Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some Tips On Being An Ebay Seller

Ebay is a great resource to bring extra cash into your life. With the economy in the shape it is in, having a side income is becoming more and more important. I personally have dabbled in Ebay and now I have decided to amp up my Ebay efforts. I have learned a few tips in my efforts and thought I would share them with you so that you can use them to better your Ebay efforts.

Tip #1: Have a PayPal account. It is the easiest no hassle way to get paid for all of your items you are selling.

Tip #2: Have a camera that will give you decent pictures that you post in your description of the items. Bad pictures or no pictures will hinder you from getting interested buyers. I just received my new digital camera in the mail the other day and I immediately listed a few items and see that I have been getting some hits on my items. The camera that I had before never could get clear pictures and I know my listings suffered because of it. You don't have to spend a lot of money for a camera, just get one that has a good rating and feedback from customers. I got mine off of a store on Ebay and even got free accessories with it for around $60.

Tip #3: Start to look for items that you can sell from inside your own home. If you are like most, you have a storage area full of things that you put away and have forgotten you had and unless they are sentimental, these items can attract buyers on Ebay. These things may have value on Ebay and can help start your selling.

Tip #4: Take advantage of the 10 day free trial at Hammertap. I just recently found this site from reading about it on Ebay Selling Coach. It is a market research tool for sellers on Ebay. What this means is it helps a seller by using their search tools to find specific information about how an item is performing currently on Ebay. What info will you receive when you join? It gives you the average selling price of the item currently, best day to start the auction, best day to end the auction, and links to all of the listings for the item.

Tip #5: Use a site like Auctiva to dress up your listings. It is a free to use site that offers Ebay listing templates to showcase your item that you are selling so that it is appealing to the buyers. It makes each listing look like it's own website. Check out one of my listings to see one of the templates that is available. I also like Auctiva because when you click on active listings under your dashboard it will give you a hit count on your listings so that you know which listings are drawing the most traffic.

Tip #6: Make sure you fill out your "About Me" page. If you don't this may turn buyers away from your items. You don't have to give out personal info just make sure you talk about what to expect from you service wise and product wise. Make sure you make it sound friendly and you can also add your blog or website address. There are some affiliates that you can list on your "About Me" Page such as Big Crumbs, Auction Add Ons, and Seller Sourcebook. These affilliates will be another way to earn.

Tip #7: Check stores like Dollar Tree or Big Lots for items to sell on Ebay. These stores get new stock several times a week. They are stores that have closeouts of merchandise at great prices.
When a popular item closes out it creates a big demand for the product on Ebay. It is important to visit these stores a few times a week to see what new stock they get in that might sell for profit on Ebay. Major name brands are usually the big sellers. I personally have my notepad open on my cell phone and make notes of new stock so that I can check Hammertap to see if it sells or not when I get home. Then if the products are bringing profit from sells then you can go make a purchase and immediately list the item so you can hit the sells of the product while it is hot.

Tip #8: Visit thrift stores and yard sales in your area and see what brand name items you can find. I have heard of sellers getting great deals from their local Goodwill store and making a nice profit from the sell of the item on Ebay. Look for antiques, Remington Blue Hot Rollers, designer clothes, and popular children's books. Nonfiction Authors sell great in lots if you can get a series together.

Tip #9: Make your listing description as thorough as posssible without sounding repetitve. Make sure you tell of any wear or tear of the item. List everything that comes with the item. Make sure that you list your policies for returns, shipping, and payment. That way there is no confusion if problems occur. make sure that everything is clearly stated.

Tip #10: Promote your listings in forums, stumble it, clixsense, or any other advertising method you can think of.

I am in no way an expert on Ebay but wanted to share these tips that I have learned along my way. Ebay can be a good source of extra income if you make an effort to maximize sales. If you have any other tips share them by commenting.

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