Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do You Search for Recipes on the Internet?

I thought I would share a free social network that I came across on the internet. It is called BakeSpace. If you are a home cook, BakeSpace is a great tool. This site is modeled after the concept that in most homes the kitchen is a place of conversation for most families. So this is their way of bringing that to the internet.

As a BakeSpace member you can post, search and swap recipes in real-time, and their unique recipe swap feature ensures that you'll always know what your friends are cooking. You can also build and customize your own "online kitchen," raid the "virtual pantry" (forums), upload videos, create blogs, get inspired, share your passion and learn from other members by tapping into our first-of-its-kind mentor program.

I know personally that I check out recipes online sometimes if I am looking for something different. I have checked BakeSpace out and find it amazing at how many recipes are on here. I have already started bookmarking some recipes on my account. I like the search function's ability to search by ingredient. Sometimes I want chicken but want it a different way and now I can go to BakeSpace and enter chicken and get some different recipes.

Don't take my word for it check it out today! Click here

1 comment:

  1. What a great site you shared. I have already bookmarked it - I find recipes online 80% of the time that I cook.