Saturday, March 28, 2009

Get-Paid-To Site of the Week: Disco Dollars

I joined Disco Dollars around 2 years ago and wanted to share why I like Disco Dollars with you. First thing to notice about the site is it is easy to navigate. The site is broken down by categories that are listed in the sidebar on the left. The top category listings are for your administrative needs such as your account info, place to click to contact the owner, place to check your inbox, and a link to the Disco Daily, link to the forum. The bottom category listings are the offers broken down in categories for easy viewing.

There are four types of offers available on the site. The first type of offer is the freebie offer, otherwise known as the PTS offer. These are offers that want you to either register, complete a survey, or simply enter your email address. The next type of offer is cash back shopping. To get cash back on Disco Dollars you will need to choose a store, that is listed in offer form, and make a purchase. You will then receive a percentage, that is listed in the offer, back. This percentage is based on your subtotal of the order. The next type of offer is the Paid-To-Click offer. The link for this is located in the main menu. Paid-To-Click pays you to click on banners that will take you to a website to view for a certain time period. Disco Dollars also offers an incentive match for any offers that you find on other get-paid-to site for more incentive. The owner will verify this and if possible she will match it or beat it.

On Disco Dollars you will see little disco balls that are an extra incentive on some offers. After you collect enough, you can go to the Disco Ball Prizes page and cash them in for things like a promo code (loaded with a cash amount to be added to your account), advertising, Redbook magazine subscription, mood ring, a specified amount of cash to be added to your account, and more prizes.

If you don’t mind completing surveys you can complete one of the daily survey’s and earn. If you complete 10 surveys all the way to the end in the month, you will be entered in a drawing for a $10 bonus to be added to the winner’s account. These surveys are located in the main menu section.

You can refer your friends and earn from them completing offers. How this works is when a referral (your friend) completes an offer you will receive an 18% bonus of the offer’s incentive amount. Now if your friend refers someone that completes an offer you will receive 2% bonus of the offer’s incentive amount. An easy way to get referrals is to upgrade your account and get a better chance of having a member that joined without being referred by anyone added to your referrals list. There are 3 levels of upgrades that each offer a better chance of this happening.
Disco Dollars offers cash out to members once they reach a $10 Minimum each month. Once you reach this you can go to the cash out page on the last day of the month and choose from a variety of payout options. You can choose to get it transferred to your PayPal or to receive a check in the mail. You will also notice that there are several gift card options that you can choose, some are virtual gift cards and some are ones that she mails out to you. You will be paid out once monthly and it usually takes about a month to receive your payout.

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