Saturday, January 31, 2009

Get All Of Your Grocery Store Sales On One Site

I have to share this site that I just came across. My Grocery has a database of stores that are in your local area. There they have all of the current sale items for each store. I like this site because you can compare sale prices with all of your local stores by clicking "View Deals By Catagory". It even lets you select items to list on a shopping list that you can print out to take to the store with you. I am definately going to be using this site before I go shopping for now on.

Happy Saturday!

We have been very lazy this morning. My daughter and I both are battling colds now and I am trying to convince myself to fold laundry that I washed late last night. My plans today are to make chicken pot pie. When I fix that I make enough for us to have today and then some to put in the freezer to have another night. My daughter loves it. She is 8 and loves carrots and mushrooms, so I have to include them in my recipe. I am very proud to say that she is became very interested in learning how to cook at a young age. She likes to help in anyway she can. Most of the time I will do all of the chopping and then she likes to do all of the stirring and helps with the measuring. She even has her own little apron that a friend made for her. I was around her age when my grandmother started to teaching me in the kitchen. I come from a very traditional southern family, so you know the kitchen plays a big part in out family. My grandmother's kitchen is still a gathering place for our family. Even at 83, she cooks homemade almost everyday.

Share your story of who you learned your cooking from and if you are or planning to pass it down to your children.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Would you like to win a Rachel Ray Cookbook?

Queen Mother Blog is giving a copy of "Rachel Ray: 30 Minute Meals 2 away to a lucky person. You can click on the link and leave a comment with your email address to earn your first entry. She also gives you more chances to earn an entry. While you are there subscribe to her blog and check out the current deals tab for great money saving tips.

Bloggy Giveaway: Custom Header, Button, or Business Card Design

Check out Bloggy Giveaway for a chance to win a Custom Header, Button, or Business Card Design You can earn entries by telling her which one you would want, twittering the giveaway, blogging about it, or subscribing to her blog. Don't miss this giveaway, go check it out today. It ends January 30th at Midnight CST. Click here to see more info.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I do To Make Extra Cash Online- Vol. 2

When I started on the search to make extra cash 3 years ago, I did not realize how many avenues you can take to do it. One day I had googled something and came across an article on a website and saw where they were accepting Freelance writers. My first thought was no way would one of my articles be accepted and I then googled the site and saw where people were making money by submitting articles and they were just your average person and not a professional writer. I have since wrote for a few sites online and earned some extra cash while I did it. Here are some of these sites that you can write for and not be a novelist to submit your work.

Associated Content was my first site that I submitted an article to. You can write about most anything. I write articles about local events, working at home, and more. How Associated Content works is when you submit an article you can choose to get paid an upfront fee for your article and that can take up to 2 weeks to get an offer or you can choose to want to get published sooner and opt for Performance Pay. You will also get Performance Pay for your articles if you get upfront payment. Performance Pay is a way to get paid for the page views of all of your articles. It is based on a PPM rate. They also have a place on their site where they have a "Call for Content" ticker that has some requested articles that is a great tool if you are getting writer's block. They also have a forum where you can interact with other content producers to get or share tips with. I have found that Associated Content's articles are highly ranked with Google and I have a few articles that are ranked high with Google and get a lot of monthly traffic. I would say this is a must join site if you are wanting to write as a freelancer.

eHow is another site that is easy for beginner's to submit their freelance writing. It is a site that is based on How-To tips. I have written some articles for this site and see that this site has great potential for earning cash for your articles. How it works is that you submit your articles for free and then your earnings are determined by a number of things, such as, views and category that your article is in. It is not an exact science as to how your earnings are calculated. I am a member of a yahoo group where women are pulling in a good amount of extra cash from this site. It is a site to definitely consider joining. If you do join look at a previous post that I made about eHow.
Review Stream is a great site to submit your consumer reviews on products and places to shop and eat. They pay you around $2 an article. The only downside to this site is that you have to reach $50 to get a payout. is a great site if you have an expertise on a subject. It can give you a bigger platform to give your knowledge out to others. This site is another site that seems to be well respected by Google and gets high rankings in searches. You can be a guide on health care, money saving, hobbies, cooking, and more. When you apply, they will require you to take part in a two part editorial training program. It does take a few steps to join but is well worth the trouble. For information on their commission plan click this link.
Squidoo is another great site to write about a particular subject and get traffic. All that you need is a particular subject and you can make a "lens" about it. Squidoo also gets a lot of traffic to their site and holds a good potential to earning extra money. You earn when someone purchases something from one of the well placed ads that are on your article. If you do a search on google you will find others that have made money from their Squidoo lens. A tip about how to earn more is to take your subject and dissect the different angles of it and make numerous lens about it.
As you can see there are plenty of places online for you to share your knowledge and not have to be a professional novelist. Visit these sites and look at what others have written and then you will see how easy it is. If you know if another writing site please leave a comment with that link.

Download a FREE Copy of Stay-At-Home Mom's Guide to Successful Ebay

This is written by Suzanne Wells, someone that I have learned a lot from by keeping up with her blog, Ebay Selling Coach. She always has so many tips on ways to earn with Ebay. Ebay can be a way to bring in a cash flow to assist your income if you know how. There are items that you can get at your local Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Walgreens that others can't get in their local area and they will search for them on Ebay, why not be the seller of these items. Check out this post on Sisterly Savings and download the FREE copy of Stay-At-Home Mom's Guide to Successful Ebay.

CONGRATS Angelacisco You Won The Coupon Potluck Giveaway

I used integer generator to find my winner of the Coupon Potluck Giveaway
The result was post # 36

CONGRATS Angelacisco, you are the winner!!!!!!!!!

I have emailed her and she has till Saturday 10am CST to respond. If for some chance she doesn't, I will go back to and choose another winner.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I do To Make Extra Cash Online- Vol. 1

Since I started to Work-At-Home 3 years ago, I knew that I would need to get creative on ways to make extra cash. I started out by visiting forums and reading blogs about how others did it. I realized fast that there were many scams out there intending to prey on unsuspecting women that were trying to help their families income out. With much trial and error I have found a select group of sites that I lean on to make extra cash. I am going to break down the categories of sites that I use and for the next few days I will share them with you.

VOL. 1 Taking Surveys
This is definitely an area that you have to make sure you get reliable sites to use. There are many ads out there promising that you will make thousands every month for completing surveys, that is obviously a scam waiting for victims. No you won't make thousands or even hundreds, but you will make some extra cash as you go along. Here are some that have a great track record.

Say Nation Referral Code: 8614049927
This is a site that offers surveys for points. The surveys are easy to complete. Once signed up with the site, you will need to complete all of the profile surveys that are waiting for you. These are so that Say Nation will know what surveys you qualify to complete. You will receive notification of all surveys that become available by email. You can access the survey by clicking the link in the email or you can go directly to Say Nation and click on it from your list if available surveys. Each attempted survey earns you 25 points, even if it says that you do not qualify. Your points can be cashed in for prizes in the catalog. Things that are in the catalog are gift cards for numerous retailers (including amazon), gas cards, and gift type items. I am going to use this site to rack up Barnes & Noble gift cards to use for Birthdays and Christmas 2009.

Pinecone Research
This is a great site that pays you to complete surveys and try out products. I usually get a survey or two a month from them. They pay me once I complete a survey by PayPal. This is a survey site that I am happy to see in my inbox. I love the products that I have gotten to try that I would have otherwise not had the opportunity to. Pinecone Research is so popular, that they have to have enrollment days. To see if they are allowing new members, check Annika's Site to see if they are open to new members. If not, make not of her site and keep checking in.

Lightspeed Panel
Lightspeed Panel offers me around 2 to 3 surveys a week. For each survey completed you will receive points. The points can then be cashed in for PayPal transfers or gift cards. When you join you will receive profile surveys to complete so they can know which surveys you are interested in. You will receive your survey invites by email and then it will send you to log in to Lightspeed Panel's website to click on the surveys that are available.

IPSOS I-Say Panel
IPSOS usually invites me to around 2 surveys a week. Each survey that I complete I get points for that I can cash in for gift cards. There are other prizes like pre-paid calling cards and specialty merchandise. These surveys are moderately easy to finish. You will have profile questions to answer when you join so that they can give you surveys that you are qualified for.

This is a Word of Mouth product campaign site. What that means is that you receive products or discounts on products to buzz about it to your friends. When you join BuzzAgent you will answer profiling questions that will help them better understand the products that you will enjoy receiving and buzzing about. You will receive all of your invites to campaigns by email and you will then need to log in to read about the campaign and decide if you would like to take part in it. You are never obligated to taking a campaign. Once you receive the products then just use them and buzz about the product to your friends. After you do that log in and tell BuzzAgent about it. This is a fun site to be a member of.

ACOP (American Consumer Opinion)
ACOP offers me around 2 surveys per week. For all completed surveys you will receive credit to your account. Once you are ready to cash out they will send it by check in the mail. You will need to complete the profiling surveys so that they can send you all of the surveys that you are qualified for. These surveys are easy to complete.

Epoll sends me around 1 or 2 surveys a week. Completed surveys earns you points that you can cash in for gift cards for places like Itunes, Target, Starbucks, and more. The surveys are easy to complete. You will need to fill out the profiling questions so that you can receive your surveys that you qualify for.

When joining a survey site it is wise to get a specific email address for all of them to come to. I have a gmail account that all of my surveys come to. That way that is the only one's that uses that email address and I won't loose any invites amount spam. After joining a survey site, invites might come slow at first till you get a few completed, don't get discouraged.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Deal Alert: Old Navy Clearance

I went to Old Navy today to find a cashmere sweater that I was wanting and noticed that they have a clearance event online. Tees & Tanks are going as low as $2.99, this is a great time to stock up.
This sweater to the left is a cashmere sweater and usually goes for $59.50, it is now on markdown for $19.99. I am going to buy me a couple to keep and two to put on Ebay. These will be a hot seller.
Girl's "GirlFriend" Bootcut Jean is marked down to $12.99 from $19.99. There are tons of great deals on the site right now so go on over and check it out at Old Navy to see for yourself.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Valentine's Day Giveaway on Barefoot Mommy

Barefoot Mommy and has came together to have this great giveaway. They are giving everyone a chance to win a Champagne Gift basket valued at $119. All that you need to do is go to Barefoot Mommy and follow the entry requirements. Good Luck to all.

Do You know Any Great How-To's? Why Not Share It & Profit From It.

If you have Internet, cooking, cleaning, household maintenance, or any other How-To's, you can share them on a site called Ehow. You don't have to be a journalist or novelist to write a how-to for others to learn from. Ehow gets a lot of traffic everyday, in fact, I find myself going there daily for different how-to reasons. It is free to join and very easy to publish an article on. Just to show you how easy it is to publish an article I decided to break down the steps to entering a how-to, so here you go:

1. Join Ehow Here. Make sure you sign up for the Writer's Compensation Program so that you are eligible for making a profit on your articles. You will need a PayPal account in order to receive payment.

2. Once you have joined log in. Take this time to choose an avatar and update your profile.

3. Decide on a subject that you want to give a how-to on.

4. Do a search in the search bar for your topic and check out some of the how-to's that are already there so that you can refine your how-to.

5. Once you know exactly what you are going to talk about in your how-to, click write in the above tabs.

6. Now you will see the "Getting Started" screen. This is where you will give your how-to a title. When doing so, make sure it has keywords in it that will attract viewers.

7. On the "Getting Started" screen you will also have the opportunity to have an image that will represent your topic. If you don't have an image already, go to google and type "Free Royalty Free Image" and you should see a few sites listed in search. You can look for them for an image that targets your topic and save it to your computer. Then you will need to hit the browse button on the "Getting Started" page and click on the image. Next, don't forget to give credit for the image.

8. Next on the "Getting Started" screen is where you will rate the difficulty of your how-to. Rate it honestly.

9.Now write a brief description of what your how-to is. This description is what is seen at the top of your article. Make sure you explain the purpose for using the how-to, what the end result will be. Remember that it is the first impression that you are giving your readers.

10. Next write what they will need to complete the how-to.

11. Use the spell checker by clicking "Spell Check" under the brief description.

12. Click "Save & and Continue".

13.You will then be sent to the "Add Article Steps" page. This is where you will want to give a break down of how to complete the how-to. If you need to add or insert a step as you go there is a button that is visible that you can click to do so. When writing the steps, be careful to be clear and read each step over as you finish to check for any possible confusion.

14. You will then want to add any tips that you may have for your readers.

15. If you have any warnings for your readers, list them in the box at the bottom of the screen.

16. Use the Spell Check that is at the bottom of the screen.

17. Click "Save and Continue".

18. Now it will bring you to the page "Categorize It". Choose your categories wisely so that when searched for it can be easily found by readers. Think of these categories as keywords.

19. Add additional keywords by entering them under the category list.

20.You will then see an option to search for related articles, do this, it can help build traffic to your article.

21. Add additional resources where your readers can go to for more info on the subject.

22. Click "Save and Continue".

23. The next screen you will see is the "Publish It" screen. Click "Publish It".

Now that you have an article published, let's talk about earnings. According to Ehow, earnings can be determined by a number of things, such as, views and category. To ensure that you get the most out of every article, be very descriptive and write about a topic that is of interest of others. You can also see what articles readers are requesting the most.

I hope this article will help you start your Ehow How-To's and help you start to make some extra cash as you do it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frugal Recipe: Veggie & Cheese Chowder

Here is a great chowder that my grandmother passed down that is flavorful and inexpensive to make. This makes a great winter time meal for the family that will warm you up. My 8 year old daughter loves this chowder. This is a great recipe also that can be froze and used when you need it.

2 cups of water or chicken broth
1 12 or 16 oz. bag of frozen sweet peas

4 peeled and diced potatoes

6 peeled and diced carrots
1/2 cup of chopped red bell pepper

2 chopped celery stalks
1 diced onion
15 ounce can cream style corn
Salt & Pepper to taste
6 tbsp. butter or margarine
1/4 cup flour

2 cups milk

12 ounces grated Cheddar cheese
1. In a stock pot or dutch oven, saute your onions and red bell pepper in 2 tbsp. of butter or margarine until they are tender.
2. Once tender, add your remaining veggies & chicken broth or water. Add salt & pepper to your desired amount. Bring to a boil & then reduce heat and cover pan or pot. Simmer for around 20 minutes or until veggies are to your desired tenderness.
3. While that is simmering, get another pan and add the rest of the butter. Then add flour to the pot and combine and let it cook for about a minute. Then start adding your milk slowly as you stir it in till the mixture is smooth and thick. Then add your cheese to the mixture and let it melt.
4. After veggies are done simmering add the flour mixture to the veggies and cook around 2 minutes while stirring.
5. Serve with homemade bread sticks or biscuits.

Above image is courtesy of

Friday, January 23, 2009

Save Money On Groceries- Order From AngelFood Ministries

I learned about Angelfood Ministries in November of 2008 through a friend that had been doing it for a year. AngelFood Ministries began in Monroe, GA when two pastors, Pastors Joe and Linda Wingo, wanted to lend a helpful hand to 34 families affected by a layoff in 1994. Since then it has grown to help over 500,000 families in the United States. AngelFood's doors are open to all financial backgrounds.

Every month they have a "Regular Box" for $30 that has a variety of food that ranges from meat, veggies, other staples, and even a dessert.If you were to take the list of things that you get in the $30 box for February and go to the store and pick everything up you would end up spending an extra $25 to $30 more. Think of the savings each month that you can save if you order from them monthly.

There is more than just the "Regular Box". there is a "Fruit and Veggie" themed boxes, "Meat" themed boxes, and a "Senior Convenience" Box. Check out their website for the menu for February HERE.

Bargain Briana's Healthy Choice Giveaway

Don't miss out on this great giveaway for Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers. The giveaway ends on 1/25 around 8am EST. Click the banner to find out the terms of the giveaway.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frugal Tip: Family Cell Phone Plans

My friend was over last night talking about how much her family of four,that has 3 cell phones, spends monthly on phone service. After talking to her she stated that each of them text a lot (she doesn't have free texting) and they have individual bills. She has a Verizon wireless plan that offers 450 minutes with $0.20 cent texting incoming and outgoing. Their bills altogether is around $350 each month. We then looked at the Verizon website and did a little research and we discovered by joining the Nationwide Select Nationwide Plan for two lines and then the Nationwide Select Plan for the third phone would save them around $100 a month.

My tip is this.......reevaluate your current bill and see if you can change your plan to make it cheaper and more sensible for your cell phone usage. Call your customer service and ask for their help if you have questions, but check out their website first to see the plans available.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Once upon a Qpon.... Frozen Food Coupon Giveaway

At this time there is a Frozen Food Coupon Giveaway in progress and will end on 1/25/09. She is offering 3 ways to earn entries. This is a blog that I have come across in the past few days and think that you will enjoy reading it. It has lots of post on giveaways, coupons, and more. Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you can get updates on post.

Coupon Potluck Giveaway: Deadline for entering is 1/28/2009

Congrats to Angelacisco, you are the winner!!! To see more about the win check out this link.

In the spirit of saving money at the register, I decided to start my first blog giveaway!!!! I am going to giveaway a packet of coupons that have food, health & beauty, cleaning products, home fragrance products, and more. There will be over 100 coupons in this pack that will expire after 2/1/2009.

How to get an entry to win:

Note: Leave your email address in all post for notification of winning.

1. Leave a comment on this message telling me how much you have saved at once at the register by using coupons to save.

2. Subscribe to my site and leave a separate comment to say "I joined".

3. Mention my giveaway on your site and leave the link in a separate comment.

4. Become a Twitter Follower of mine (look in the sidebar of this blog) and leave a comment with your twitter user name

If you complete all of these, you will have 3 entries into the giveaway. I will be using to draw a winner.

DEADLINE 1/28/2009 AT 11:59 CST

I will email the winner and the winner will have 48 hours to respond.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Way To Get More Coupons

Coupons are a great tool for a shopper to save money on their bottom line price at the cash register. I started seriously using coupons around 3 years ago and realized that there are so many ways that you can get coupons. The more coupons that you have, the more you can save. Ebay has become a major hub for coupon fanatics to get a chance to build their coupon stash. Check out this link to see what I mean. I usually get around 2 "lots" of 100 coupons a month.

Great way to earn Amazon Gift Codes

Search & Win
YOU COULD BE THE NEXT WINNER!!!!! O.k., now that I have your attention, let me tell you what I mean. If you like to shop on or a chance to earn products for free, then you need this site in your life. It is FREE to join. This site is a Search & Win Site that lets you earn points for searches randomly and the Search engine is powered by Google. It also lets you refer others to their site and then when your referrals win a point, you win to. I have tried several of the Search & Win sites and have to say that I earned points more frequently with them than the others. I cashed my points out last year for Amazon Gift Codes and used that to help me buy somethings on Amazon for Xmas Gifts. I am going to start earning points to build my Amazon account up for Xmas 2009.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Frugal Plus Giveaway- 10" Plush Minnie Mouse From the Disney Store!

Frugal Plus Come check out this site that I found that is offering a giveaway of a 10" Plush Minnie Mouse with a small Backpack. The giveaway ends on January 22nd and the winner number will be selected by The winner will then be notified by email. I went on the search for frugal blogs and came across this great site. After you enter the giveaway take a look around the site.

Your State Maybe Holding Some Money Of Yours..

Have you checked your states unclaimed property website to see if you are missing out on anything that is owed to you? Each state holds unclaimed property and has it available in a data base that is easy for you to search. Don't miss out and check it today for you and your family. Click Here

Barnes & Noble After Holiday Sale

They having a great sale now that is offering 50% or more off select merchandise. Another Great way to start buying the gifts you have to get for special occasions, birthdays, and whatever other reason you will be buying gifts this year. I myself will be picking up a few books from this sale. CLICK HERE to visit the site.

Get Cash Back on your Hickory Farms Purchases by using BIG CRUMBS. How this works is: Open an account with BIG CRUMBS, Once account is open look in the right hand corner of the screen for the Search Box and enter the retailer that you are wanting and click the option that comes up for retailer and then click search. Once you see your retailer choice click shop now and it will transfer you to the website for the retailer. Keep your big crumbs account screen open while you complete your shopping. You will receive an email in a few days letting you know that your purchase is eligible for cash back from BIG CRUMBS.

Great Deal Alert- Godiva's Winter Sale

They are holding a Save up to 60% OFF sale now. For example you can get a 36 piece Holiday Gift Set for $20 (that's $30 off regular price). This sale is great to get a gift because they have some things that you can dress up with valentine's wrapping paper or bows and give for Valentine's Day. Click Here to visit Godiva.

Great Deal Alert @ Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms is running a fabulous sale for a limited time. I found a code listed on a shopping site (can't remember which one) for 15% OFF of your purchase on top of the sale prices. Source Code is 849358. There are some great deals on this site such as the Family & Friends Gift pack that usually sells for $50.00 is on sale for $7.50 & the Cheese Ball Combo that usually sells for $25 now is on sale for $3.75 & The Holiday Petits Fours that usually sell for 19.99 and is now on sale for $2.85. There are so many more deals on the site now that you have to check out. I got the Family & Friends Gift Pack, the Cheese Ball Combo, and Holiday Petits Fours and used the Source Code and my total including shipping was $22.09. Go check this sale out today before it is over.


Get Cash Back on your Hickory Farms Purchases by using BIG CRUMBS. How this works is: Open an account with BIG CRUMBS, Once account is open look in the right hand corner of the screen for the Search Box and enter the retailer that you are wanting and click the option that comes up for retailer and then click search. Once you see your retailer choice click shop now and it will transfer you to the website for the retailer. Keep your big crumbs account screen open while you complete your shopping. You will receive an email in a few days letting you know that your purchase is eligible for cash back from BIG CRUMBS.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have started this blog to share what I have found on and off of the Internet that will save you money, earn money, and anything else that I think will interest you. When I decided to become a Work-At-Home Mom (the greatest job ever!), I knew that I would need to find a way to live like I wanted to for less. So I sat down one day and started my long search for ways to get things that I wanted and ways to make extra money. I quickly realized how much info was out there and that I would have to weed through the sites to find the ones that were trustworthy. I want to share the info that I have learned along the way in hopes of helping others gain some knowledge on ways to achieve their goals. I ask that you share any feedback or tips by emailing me or commenting to a post.