Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Saturday!

We have been very lazy this morning. My daughter and I both are battling colds now and I am trying to convince myself to fold laundry that I washed late last night. My plans today are to make chicken pot pie. When I fix that I make enough for us to have today and then some to put in the freezer to have another night. My daughter loves it. She is 8 and loves carrots and mushrooms, so I have to include them in my recipe. I am very proud to say that she is became very interested in learning how to cook at a young age. She likes to help in anyway she can. Most of the time I will do all of the chopping and then she likes to do all of the stirring and helps with the measuring. She even has her own little apron that a friend made for her. I was around her age when my grandmother started to teaching me in the kitchen. I come from a very traditional southern family, so you know the kitchen plays a big part in out family. My grandmother's kitchen is still a gathering place for our family. Even at 83, she cooks homemade almost everyday.

Share your story of who you learned your cooking from and if you are or planning to pass it down to your children.

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