Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frugal Tip: Family Cell Phone Plans

My friend was over last night talking about how much her family of four,that has 3 cell phones, spends monthly on phone service. After talking to her she stated that each of them text a lot (she doesn't have free texting) and they have individual bills. She has a Verizon wireless plan that offers 450 minutes with $0.20 cent texting incoming and outgoing. Their bills altogether is around $350 each month. We then looked at the Verizon website and did a little research and we discovered by joining the Nationwide Select Nationwide Plan for two lines and then the Nationwide Select Plan for the third phone would save them around $100 a month.

My tip is this.......reevaluate your current bill and see if you can change your plan to make it cheaper and more sensible for your cell phone usage. Call your customer service and ask for their help if you have questions, but check out their website first to see the plans available.


  1. If you go in to your local verizon store, they will usually give an even better deal. Also see if youe employer is on their discount list- you can get an extra 20% off your bill each month like we did. :)

  2. That's another great tip about the employer discount. I didn't think of that when we were going through her cell phone bills.