Friday, January 23, 2009

Save Money On Groceries- Order From AngelFood Ministries

I learned about Angelfood Ministries in November of 2008 through a friend that had been doing it for a year. AngelFood Ministries began in Monroe, GA when two pastors, Pastors Joe and Linda Wingo, wanted to lend a helpful hand to 34 families affected by a layoff in 1994. Since then it has grown to help over 500,000 families in the United States. AngelFood's doors are open to all financial backgrounds.

Every month they have a "Regular Box" for $30 that has a variety of food that ranges from meat, veggies, other staples, and even a dessert.If you were to take the list of things that you get in the $30 box for February and go to the store and pick everything up you would end up spending an extra $25 to $30 more. Think of the savings each month that you can save if you order from them monthly.

There is more than just the "Regular Box". there is a "Fruit and Veggie" themed boxes, "Meat" themed boxes, and a "Senior Convenience" Box. Check out their website for the menu for February HERE.

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