Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are Your Pictures Clear on Your Listing?

One thing that can kill a listing fast is bad pictures of the item. A picture of a listing needs to show the item in detail. What I mean by that is the buyer should be able to look at the picture and see exactly what they are buying without extra distractions or blurriness getting in the way. Think about it, If you are looking at an item that has 2 listings where one listing has a crystal clear picture and the other has a picture that you can't tell what it is, which one are you going to be interested in. I know when I started out selling my camera was not good at all and I never could get a great picture of what I was trying to sell and quickly caught on that if I wanted to get more views I needed to improve my pictures. Now I'm not saying that you need to have a professional picture, I am saying that the picture needs to be in focus, color needs to appear correct in the picture, and well cropped. Here are some examples of a bad picture and a good picture.

Example of a bad picture. It is too blurry and you can't tell what it is.

Example of a good picture. You can see the product that I am selling and see the wording on the bottle. With this listing I would also do a close up shot of the lower part of the bottle where the description is.

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