Thursday, March 12, 2009

Places To Sell Online

Selling online is a great way to make extra money for your family. I thought I would start off the day with listing places that you can sell on. It is important to sell in a site that fits your needs best.

eBay: This is the most popular site to sell on. Traffic to your listings comes easier with eBay and it has an easy insertion form for selling. As a seller you can have individual listings (No subscription needed) or you can have an eBay store (Subscription needed). You can either choose to have buyers bid on your items or "Buy It Now" with a fixed price. For a beginning seller online eBay is in my opinion the best to get started on because it is easy to set up a listing, traffic is greater on eBay than other sites, and they have a great help section that will help a beginner get the most out of their listings.

Amazon: This is another high traffic site that offers a selling feature. I found that if you sell books online, this is the best place to do it. Sellers have found that they can get more for books with the audience that Amazon receives. The only downside is that you have to pay a monthly fee to be a seller with them, so that means that in order for you to make a profit you will have to sell more than the monthly fee every month.

Craigslist: This is a site that is great to sell bulky items that are not easily shipped. You can post an ad for free to attract local intrest. The only downside to this site is that you directly communicate through your own email address and you have to meet face to face to complete the sale. You will definately have to think of your security when completing a sale on Craigslist. This site is ran by eBay. This site is limited to items in the following catagories: Books, Movies, Music, Game Systems, and Video Games. There are no listing fees and listing an item is easy because you enter the UPC or ISBN and all of the info is provided from their database on the item. Traffic is pretty good for this site.

Etsy: This is a place where you can sell your handmade goods. The traffic it gets is from destination buyers that are seeking for handmade goods. The form to list an item is moderately easy. It cost 20cents to list an item and when it sells you will pay a small transaction fee of 3.5%.

Cafe Press: This is a site where you can sell your custom t-shirts, hats, mugs, and more. You can open a basic shop for free and list up to 80 items. This site seems to get a lot of traffic.

These are the sites that I know that are trustworthy to sell on. If you know of anymore please leave a comment and I will check them out.

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