Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Do you have what it takes to Work-At-Home?

Companies are offering positions to employees to telecommute now more than ever. Employees or potential employees see the term “Work-At-Home” and immediately think that it will be so easy and they jump at the chance before weighing out what it truly takes to successfully work-at-home. Consider the following:

1. What skills and past work history do you have? Take time and look at your resume and write a list of skills that you have because of these jobs. Use these skills to find what opportunity will fit best for you.

2. Do you have an area in your home that you can convert to an office? If you are going to work-at-home, a quiet area of the home will serve you better and in some jobs will be required.

3. Do you want to run a business from home or work for a company from home? A few things to consider about a business is that it can take awhile to see profit from, you are the sole driver of the advertising, you are responsible for all tax info and business license, and it can be costly for startup. When you work for an employer at home you are just responsible for your work and having the tools you need to do your job properly.

4. Do you have money to invest in the office equipment or supplies for your work-at-home position? If you decide to work-at-home through an employer you might have to purchase office supplies and equipment that you will need to complete your job. If running a business is what you have decided, you will need to plan for start up cost amd business license.

5. Can you deal with not being in public as much or do you need that interaction? One of the biggest changes in a work-at-home mom or dad life is the decrease in adult interaction. I personally went through that and combated it by setting a time every week where I get with other moms that stay at home and do fun stuff.

The questions that you just read can help you get started in the right direction on your path to work-at-home. Yes, working at home is the best job I have ever had but do realize that it is a job that you are being paid to do.

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