Friday, March 13, 2009

Prize Live: WHy Should I Join?

Why do I like Prize Live? First reason would be the setup of the site is easy to navigate. A lot of Get-Paid-To sites are cluttered and not very well organized. Next, would be that even though it is a point site, your points can be cashed out for a PayPal deposit instantly. The only requirement they have for you to qualify for instant payout is that you post your proof of payment each time you get paid in their forum. The other rewards are not that shabby either, they include an Amazon Certificate, Ipod Shuffle, Gift Card, Check, or your choice of gaming system. There are plenty of offers to choose from to get to your favorite rewards minimum and they tend to approve quickly. Prize Live also offers a downloadable toolbar that offers easy access to your account to find out things like your point balance, newest offers that are added, a random list of offers that you have not completed, quick links to areas on the site, and more. The best part of the toolbar is that you will get a daily bonus for using their toolbar. Now you will notice that when you complete an offer you will also get something called a "Game Credit" (GC), these can be used to enter contest or games that will help you win more points ot cash in. Prize Live also has a great forum that stays active where you can learn tips from others or talk about the weather. The forum is kind of open topic. Sometimes they offer forum contest that you can participate in. When you first log in you will see that they have a jackpot going. You are automatically entered into the jackpot drawing every time you complete an offer. Administration is also on top of things and will answer your questions quickly. They seem to be online frequently to check on their site. As you can see there are many reasons to become a member of Prize Live. To Join or check it out Click Here.

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