Sunday, March 1, 2009

My March Goals

I have had a busy month in February and have not had the chance to make extra cash as much as I would have liked. So I promised myself that no matter how busy life gets I am going to make a huge effort to make my goals come true.

Write to Earn
I promised myself that I am going to write at least three articles for Associated Content a week. I can make money from upfront payment and performance payment for each of them. I also want to write a new Ehow article at least 5 times a week, I can earn from their performance. I also am planning on writing a new Squidoo lens, my tentative subject is "Earning Online by Writing".

Search to Earn
I currently use three search to earn sites daily to earn from my everyday search needs. I use Swagbucks, My Points, and Scour. I have not used them as much as I should lately because I am always in a hurry so I am going to do better about it. If I am going to search I might as well earn from it.

Get Paid To Websites
I have a few that I have a balance on that I am going to try to reach cash out in the month of March. I am going to make that happen by tackling one at a time. My Get Paid To sites that I am going to concentrate on are Firehouse Offers, Fairytale Treasures (need$8.81) , Honey Bee Points (need $3.07), and Disco Dollars (need $6.97). I also have joined a new paid to view ads site called YouData that I will work daily. I will work these sites past their cash outs as time allows.

Rate Music and Earn
I am a member of a site called PromoSquad. I plan on meeting the 1000 point (need 112 points) cash out for a $10 Walmart Card. I also plan to surpass that goal and earn some to help for next month's goal.

Survey Sites
I plan on completing all surveys that come to my email address on Monday's and Thursday's each week. I am currently close to a few sites cashing out. This is definitely a great way to earn.

I plan to amp up my efforts in promoting my affiliates that I am a member of.

March Savings Goal
I have to say that I have become quite the coupon diva in the past year. I want to continue my stance on always getting the best price and I am going to try to start sharing the deals that I find. I am waiting on my new digital camera to come in the mail so I can include pictures as I go along. I am going to try to stick to my goal of keeping my food bill at $ 75 a week (less would be even greater).

Selling on the Internet
I am going to ramp up on my Ebay listings and start selling again once my camera arrives. I have a few great items that should bring me a decent profit. I also hand make jewelry and want to add stock to Etsy to sell. If you have not started selling on the Internet check out a great blog that I read daily for advice Ebay Selling Coach. I have learned a lot from Suzanne on her blog that has helped me make money on Ebay.

Well I think I have covered my goals for the month. I also have a regular work-at-home job that I do daily. I feel good about the goals that I have made and think that with a push I can accomplish it. Til next time.....

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