Friday, February 19, 2010

Give Your Opinions And Earn Extra Money

As said before in my previous post “Make Money By Completing Surveys”, you can earn extra cash by sharing your opinions with companies about products and services. These companies use the information gathered from surveys and use it to develop better products and services. They seek out sites like these to find people and gather information from people like us. A lot of these sites offer a financial compensation such as gift cards, checks, PayPal deposits, checks, or merchandise as a reward for completing surveys.

Epoll sends invites by email to any available surveys that match your profile answers. They reward you with your choice of PayPal deposits, Amazon e-gift codes, gift cards, and more. Each completed survey earns you points that you can cash in for those rewards.

Synovate also sends survey invites by email, although, you can also go to the site and login and find links to all of your available surveys. Completed surveys are rewarded with points that can be cashed in for a check.

IPSOS is another survey site that rewards it’s members that complete surveys with points. You can cash these points in for your choice of cash options or gift cards.

All survey sites have the same mission, to get honest and unrushed answers to the companies that pay them for their service. They are looking for people who want to share their opinions. As I said before, I suggest you to get an email address that is dedicated to your survey sites. This will help with finding your invites quickly. I hope this helps some of you find legit sites to earn from.


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