Wednesday, February 3, 2010

101 Cash Generating Ideas

You all know that I enjoy bringing you as many money making opportunities that I can since I know my readers as well as me are always looking for ways to bring money into the home to help with the budget. This year my budget is including a few big expenses that last year didn’t. I have decided to save up enough to add new siding to my home and to get new flooring for my kitchen. So in order for me to comfortably do these things I am in search for even more effective money making opportunities. I cam across an eBook called “Emergency Cash Generators Version 3.0” by James Jones. It seems to be getting a great review and I see why. It has some great ideas that I haven’t even thought of. It is full of 101 different money making techniques with real people cases in how they made some of these make extra income for them.

Here is an example of some of the ideas in the book:

-How to Make money with old discarded magazines.

-How a camera, a few trash bags and a letter written to a certain group of people can put wads of cash in your mail box.

-How to make money giving away a special 12 page booklet.

-How to make money by offering an advertising service to people that are having a garage sale by using this method

-Shows you a neat way to make money every time it rains.

-A product that you can buy locally – at a certain retail shop he will tell you about -- that you can turn around and sell for double, triple or even more.

-How to use a method to make money by providing a 2 minute service to convertible car owners.

These are just some of the great ideas that he has written about. One thing that made me want to tell you about this eBook, besides all of the great ideas it holds, is that the author is offering an 8 week no questions asked money back guarantee.

To get more info on the ideas above or to get more of the 101 money making ideas check out “Emergency Cash Generators Version 3.0” out click Here.

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