Monday, February 8, 2010

Make Money By Completing Surveys

There are many ways to make extra cash to add to the family income. Surveys can be one of those ways. Companies contract survey companies to get opinions on their products by way of asking the consumer their consumers questions that will give the company an insight of what they truly want in a product. There are a lot of great survey sites that are trustworthy and offer some fun surveys with benefits for you for your time. When you join any of these, it will be beneficial to you to fill out any profile questionnaires so that you can ensure you get surveys that you are qualified for. All that they ask of you is that you take your time and give your honest feelings to every question. Below are some that I use to make extra cash.

Say Nation- This is a free to join site that sends you survey invites by email, as well as, have them listed on their site. Surveys come frequent for me on this site that match my profile that I filled out when I joined. They usually are surveys that require about 10-15 minutes to fill out, which some can run longer or shorter. For my time, Say Nation awards me points for my surveys that I have completed and points for referrals that I get. Once I save up enough points I can cash them in for something out of the Say Nation Catalog. There are gift cards, journals, books, movies, and games for select game systems. I use them to either get the PayPal Deposit or the Amazon Gift Codes. Just remember to not rush through the surveys or you will be disqualified to receive the points. Take your time and give your honest opinions.

Opinion Outpost- This is also a free to join site that sends you survey invites by email or you can find them listed on the website. Personally I receive several invites in a week, but remember that depends on the qualifications on the survey. Their surveys are easy to understand and usually require about 10-15 minutes of my time if I qualify for the survey. For my time I earn points for my surveys that can be cashed in for a check or an Amazon Gift Code. If you join their affiliate program you can earn some for the referral. Again remember, give your surveys time and don’t rush through the surveys.

Dollar Surveys- This is a site where you start off by entering the email address they could use to send you $1 if you complete a survey. Then you will be asked some qualifying questions so that they can determine if there are any surveys that you can do. If there is one that you qualify for it will redirect you to it and pay you within a couple of days if you complete it. I have done this a few times and gotten paid.

Lightspeed Panel- This is a site that will send you an alert email that there is a survey waiting for you on the site. Once you log in you will see a list of any surveys that are available for you to complete. They are easy to understand and usually require 10 minutes to complete. For completed surveys you will receive points that you can cash in for PayPal deposits, Amazon Gift Codes, movies, gift cards, personal care items, and more. Periodically they will have screener surveys for you to complete so that they can see if you are qualified to take upcoming surveys that may have specific needs. Remember that all that Lightspeed Panel ask of you is honest answers from you, so don’t rush through them.

These are just a few sites that I use to earn by completing surveys. I suggest to get an email address that is used only for your survey sites. You can get a free email address from Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Through the next few weeks I will post more survey sites that I use.

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