Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Make Money By Selling Your Kids Last Year's Halloween Costumes on eBay

Halloween Costumes can be real expensive if you buy them brand new and at the store (especially Disney costumes). One of the places that people look for costumes and their accessories is on eBay. You can list any costume that is in good condition on eBay to sell and make a profit. I do this every year and make a profit, except this year I gave my daughters last years costume to a child that was in need of one. This is a way to make some of the money you spend in the current year on costumes back. Last year I made enough to pay for the current years costume plus a profit of $5.

Here is a Disney Cinderella Costume that was started on a bid of $0.99 and the ending bid was $16.13.

This is a completed listing

Here is a Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Costume that was started on a bid of $4.99 and ended the bid at $56.00.
This is a completed listing

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When listing your costumes be sure to leave a good description of the condition and clear picture of the item. The buyer will want to know if it has any tears or flaws before they place a bid on your item. A minor flaw will not keep all buyers away. Another tip, let your buyers know if it comes from a pet free or smoke free home. A lot of buyers have allergies and will buy from a person that is making that promise faster than someone that says nothing about it. The more info you tell your buyers about the item the better.

When you list an item, it is important to know what price to list the item at. Terapeak is a site that offers a FREE service to eBay sellers that gives you a look at the average selling price and listing strategies for the item. You will want to not list your item any higher than the average selling price to ensure a chance of getting a buyer for your item. There is also a function to help you build the title for your listing.

All costumes will not bring a profit, but if you use Terapeak to check for the average selling price you will set yourself on the right road.

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Happy Selling!

If you have listed a costume for sale on eBay this year leave a comment with the link to it and let us know how it did.

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