Sunday, October 10, 2010

Moms, Are You The Family C.E.O.?

My friend has a plaque hung on her home office door that says,

C.E.O. Of The Clives Family

I thought that was not only cute, but fitting for the mom of today. Most moms have the full load of after-school activities, shopping, and the budget. I know as a single mom I have no one else to share these responsibilities with, but even when I was married it was on me to handle. There are things that moms can do or use to make life more simplified like freezer cooking, scheduling reminders, shopping for groceries bi-monthly or once monthly, or money management sites like

I personally do a little freezer cooking. I mostly make my breads and muffins for a month and freeze them. My daughter loves banana nut muffins and raisin bread so I try to have some on hand in the freezer. At times, I make ahead lasagna or enchiladas. I think I have said it once before, I try and limit my grocery shopping to once a month. I do, however, make a special trip for milk once a week. I have a strict budget that I layout for myself and hit it almost all the time. I am not at all perfect but strive to do my best.
I was wondering what the mom’s out there consider to be one of their biggest tools to make life easier for them. Leave a comment below and share it.

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  1. I have no idea how you manage to only go grocery shopping once a month! I go at LEAST once a week and usually more to get the best deals and stock my pantry....

    Anyway, my husband and I do not have any debt except for our mortgage. We own our cars outright and pay cash for cars (never bought a new one).

    We also have our weekly allowance in Cash. When the cash runs out - then we are done spending for the week.

    I find saving money is the easiest way to stay out of debt. I have direct deposit set up on my paycheck to go to 4 different accounts - 3 of which are savings accounts - Roth IRA, college, and our normal savings. Never seeing the money makes it easier not to spend it!