Sunday, October 24, 2010 Set Out To Break The World Record For Largest Cup Of Coffee

During the Blog World Expo, set out to break records for the largest cup of coffee and the largest cup of iced coffee. They started both out by getting the big 8x8 foot specially made coffee cup in place. Below is a couple of videos that show how they put the big cup in place and assembled it.

The last record was set at 911.5 gallons of coffee back in 2007 and beat it and ended up setting the record at 2,010 gallons of coffee. That is a lot of coffee cups worth of coffee, 32,160 cups to be exact. Could you imagine the bathroom line that would  be created by that much coffee drinking? You would be in line forever. They started to brew the coffee needed to pull this feat off at 4 a.m. and began pouring the coffee at around 10 a.m. and they broke the previous World Record at around 10:54 a.m. but kept on pouring until right before Noon.

On October 16th they went on to break the record for Largest Iced Coffee. To acheive the new record they used the same precedures they did to win the Largest Coffee except they had to make room for the 3,500 pounds of ice by emptying 100 gallons of coffee from the cup to maintain the below 45 degree requirement. They reached their winning record at closing time.

Click here to see more about these amazing records.

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