Sunday, April 19, 2009

Get Paid To Site Of the Week: Sparkle Dollars

Sparkle Dollars has been around since 2007. Since I have been a member I have been impressed with their dependability of service. I have always been paid on time and they approve offers frequently through the day. Sparkle Dollars is what is known as a “Get Paid To” site. They pay you to complete surveys, register for sites, click on websites, or sometimes just simply input your email address. It is free to join and use. Sparkle Dollars is easy to navigate since it has the offers broke down in the drop down menu in categories for you to find the offer that fits your needs. As well as having a cash incentive to complete offers you will notice that some offers have “Sparkles”, these can be cashed in for rewards and upgrades. These rewards can be found under the tab labeled “Sparkle Rewards” in the upper menu.

Once you join Sparkle Dollars, you will be able to refer others to join Sparkle Dollars and earn a bonus when they do. If your referrals’ complete an offer that is approved, you will get 50 cents added to your account. Another benefit of having referrals comes in when they complete offers you will earn a bonus. Sparkle Dollars will give you a bonus up to three levels of referrals. See below to see the break down of bonus:

Your direct referrals- 14%
Second level- 4%
Third level- 2%

To help you get referrals you can pay for an upgrade, they start at $4.95, and as each level increases you are promised more of a chance that when a person joins unreferred that person will go to an upgraded members referral lineup. There are 5 levels of upgrades available. This is optional but available for the serious referrer.

If you shop online you can also use Sparkle Dollars to get cash back on your purchases for some retailers. Just go to the drop down menu and look for the cash back section to check out which retailers are included. Currently as of writing there are cash back offers for Kmart, WalMart, Macy’s, and

Now, let me tell you have to get paid by Sparkle Dollars. On the last day of every month you can cash out your earnings if it reaches your minimum cash out amount. For a PayPal cash out, you will need to reach $5 and for a check cash out you will need to reach a $10 cash out. Once you have cashed out, you can expect payment around the 25th of the next month. Example: If you cash out on April 30th you should receive your payment around May 25th. In addition to cashing out with Paypal or Check, there is also an option for a Amazon Virtual Gift Card, the minimum for that is $5.

Because it is free to join, come see what I am talking about for yourself. Join by clicking on the banner above.

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