Friday, April 10, 2009

Get Paid To Site of the Week: Clixsense

Clixsense is a site where advertiser’s can come to get unique traffic for their website or blog. When you click on an ad to view you will get paid an incentive for your page view. I have been a member for awhile and have used it as a paid ad viewer and an advertiser and have success with using Clixsense. When clicking ads you will get paid 1 cent per page view. Sometimes you will find ads worth more but they are rare. All that you do is log in and go to the page labeled “Browse Ads” and click on a link to an ad. Then the ad will pop up in another window and a countdown clock will start for 30 seconds at the top of the page. When it is finished it will give you a prompt to close the window. It is so easy to use. You will get paid when you account reaches over $10. They send out checks once a month for what was earned the month before.

For a chance to win more cash for your account you can play the ClixGrid. Prizes range from 0.01 to $5. How you play is click on a square on the grid and another window will open. If you are a winner you will see a page that will tell you how much you won. If you are not a winner you will see an ad from one of their advertisers. You will have 20 chances daily on ClixGrid to win.
When you refer new members to Clixsense you will receive 0.01. If they refer someone that upgrades their account to premium status you will receive a bonus of $2. If your referral purchases any advertising, you will receive a 10% bonus.

Regular Membership is free but you can upgrade your account to premium status for $10. The benefits for upgrading are you will receive more ads, get 50 chances on the ClixGrid daily, you will receive .10 cents per referral that you refer, you will receive $2 if your direct referrals upgrade, you will receive $1 if their referrals upgrades, and get paid for 5 levels of referral activity.

Clixsense also has a toolbar that you can download. Right now the toolbar offers you the chance to get instant alerts of any announcements or news from Clixsense, a Google powered search box, and links that are handpicked by Clixsense. They are soon going to add an update to the toolbar making it possible to see new ads when they are available to be clicked on. The toolbar is free and is available for all members.

If you have sites that you want more traffic on use Clixsense as a way to advertise it. You can either use your balance to convert to ad credits or you can use Google checkout and purchase advertising. I personally use it to advertise and have had good response. You can either choose for all members to see your ads or you can choose people with certain interest to view your ad. There is also an option where you can choose for your ad to be viewed by premium members only. This is definitely worth the money advertising.

This site is free so check it out for yourself. If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will get the answer for you.

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