Saturday, May 9, 2009

Get Paid To Site of The Week: Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a site that pays you to give your genuine opinions to companies by taking surveys. Your opinions have a chance to influence the way a company makes a product or may change the way a company advertises.

At Opinion Outpost you will receive invitations in your email that will take you to an available survey. You can access each survey just by clicking on the link in your email or you can go to Opinion Outpost and find them under “Available Surveys”.

When you join Opinion Outpost you will be asked to complete a few profile surveys. This helps them know what surveys will be in your interest area. This ensures them that you will have quality feedback for them on the selected surveys. Make sure that you answer all of the profile surveys so that you won’t be cheating yourself out of surveys that may come available in the future.

When you receive an invite or go to the “Available Surveys” tab you will see how many Opinion Points each survey is worth. You can keep up with your Opinion Points by clicking on the “Rewards” tab. For every 10 Opinion Points you earn it converts to $1 in cash. Your points can be cashed in once you reach 50 Opinion Points ($5) in your account. Once that is reached you will see an option to request a check. The checks usually take 4-8 weeks for delivery.

Lately I have been receiving a few surveys a week. I have been paid by them and know they are reliable. This is definitely one that is worth the time to join and answer surveys. In my opinion they pay great incentive for your time that you are giving them to answer the surveys. Just remember when answering surveys that you need to take the time to give honest and well thought out answers. Join by clicking the banner above.

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