Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tips While You Are Searching for a Work At Home Job

I know everyone at one time or the other has done an internet search of the term “work at home” or “telecommute”. You know that in those search results you will see a lot of ads that are promising the world on a platter if you try their program. After reading an email that I received from a friend asking advice, I decided that I would list a few tips on things to watch out for when doing your work-at-home search.

1. DO NOT waste your time on those ads that promise you that you can make thousands a week doing data entry. Those are scams and almost all of them want you to pay up front to get started. You will wind up being a victim rather than a work at home employee.

2. When you are considering a company, look for contact info and verify it. If a company does not list contact info that should raise a red flag to you that something is not right. If they are on the up and up, they would want you to have a way to contact them.

3. Is the company that you are interested in asking for a start up fee? If so, step away from the excitement that you are getting because you think you have found a way to make extra money. Now ask yourself this, “If I was to go work at a corporate office, would they make me pay them to work for their company?” The answer is obviously no. So why would you take this kind of job opportunity?

4. Do they offer a clear expectation of what your job will entail? My friend’s email was about this very problem. If a company can’t tell you exactly what you are expected to do from home, they are either not organized enough for someone to work at home for them or they are a scam. My friend has spoken to about four people who are in management and still can’t get a clear definition to the job opportunity. She is now going to walk away from it. Clear inconsistencies should create a flag on the play for you. If you feel that you are not getting enough info, ask the lead hiring manager, and if they don’t have the answers go higher.

5. Lastly, check them out with the Better Business Bureau. On top of that I would do an internet search on the company and see if any complaints appear. Others reviews of the company can save you a lot of heartache. Granted every company may have a few unsatisfied people, but you will notice if there is a trend in unsatisfactory behavior in the company.

There are work-at-home jobs out there that are reliable and are looking for people like you to work for them from home. Just remember to examine and check out every opportunity before you sign on to a job.

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