Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do you use My Coke Rewards?

If you ever purchase a 20 oz. or 24 Pack Coke Product and are not using My Coke Rewards you are loosing out big time. We don't buy many sodas in our home but when we do it is always a Coke product. Each of them have a code that you can enter and it awards you points. You can earn up to 120 points a week and save them up for the reward that you want. You can get Magazine subscriptions, Coke Merchandise, and much more. Don't miss out on rewards that you could be earning. We have a drawer in the kitchen where we drop our codes in and once a week I enter til I reach the max of 120points. I have personally gotten coupons for free products, 4 magazine subscriptions, and a tshirt. If you calculate that, I figure that I have gotten between $50-$60 worth of free merchandise. It is free to join the site and you can even download a widget for your desktop to make entering in your codes easy.

Check it out here.

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