Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Wholly Guacamole Review

On Christmas Eve, my family has a game night and we open one gift each. To make the night more fun, we make snacks foods that are good and filling to eat while we play. Chips and dip are always one food that has to make its appearance. I was lucky enough to get a package full of Wholly Guacamole products to try. The package included their Wholly Guacamole All Natural Salsa Dip, Wholly Guacamole Classic Queso Dip, Wholly Guacamole Classic Guacamole, and Wholly Guacamole Spicy Guacamole.

I usually make homemade guacamole because I have tried several store bought ready to eat guacamole and found that none of them stands up to the fresh homemade kind. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the classic guacamole. It was smooth and perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of garlic. The spicy guacamole tasted great and stood up well to a salty chip. The seasonings were not overdone, they were just right.

Another favorite dip of mine is the queso. I immediately fell in love with this queso. It is made with creamy cheddar, vegetables, and spices. The mix of the veggies with the cheese is perfect. The seasoning blended well with the cheese and veggies and Tostitos. Of all of the dips sent, this was my favorite. I have tried all kinds of quesos in my life, but this one is addictive. My family is still talking about it. My only complaint is that I could not find the queso dip at my local Walmart, I found it at a Walmart in the city.

I would recommend Wholly Guacamole products to anyone. They are not only great tasting but healthy too. They have over 20 vitamins and minerals that are good for you inside. They also are noted as being gluten free. Have Wholly Guacamole at your next snack time and you will like them as much as me.

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