Thursday, January 20, 2011

4 Tips To Plan A Frugal House Party Without Building Up Debt

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Do you want to throw a house party to bid farewell to 2010 and welcome 2011? Are you a bit hesitant as it will cost you a lot of money? If yes, then stop being hesitant and follow these tips to throw a frugal house party without compromising on the enjoyment.
  1. Plan a suitable budget – You need to plan a suitable budget before you begin with your arrangements. To plan the budget, decide how much you can spend and based on that allocate exact amount for each item such as, food, drinks, decoration, gifts, etc. It will help you arrange the party without building up debt on your credit cards that’ll be difficult to pay off later.
  2. Reuse items for party decoration - If you search in your home, then you’ll find a lot of items that can be reused to decorate your house party. You can find party streamers, gift bags, balloons, ribbons, strings, etc., that you can use to decorate the party. Instead of hanging streamers and balloons all over the place, you can create a focal point in your house party celebration. You can keep a beautiful artifact at one corner and focus a bright light to highlight it. Complete the decoration by lighting candles and hanging red Christmas lights all over. It will create a great ambiance without costing you much.
  3. Do not plan an elaborate menu – If you’re thinking that it is must to serve an elaborate menu on a house party, then you’re wrong. When you’re throwing a party at your home, try to keep it simple. While planning a budget party, you can arrange for finger foods and appetisers. They are easier to serve and eat as you can have such food while chatting with your friends. You can also ask your friends to bring their favourite desserts. In this way, there can be variety of items and your friends will also feel happy to be able to contribute to the party.
  4. Stock the bar well – You can cut down the cost of beverage by keeping only one or two signature drinks instead of having a full bar. You can also keep non-alcoholic options as well. A great way to cut down expenses is to ask your guests to bring beverage of their choice and you can mix it to create a unique fruity punch. You should order drinks in a way that they are adequate but not excess.
One last tip – Instead of sending expensive invitations, call your friends and invite them for the party. You can also send e-mails to invite your guests. In this way, you can send personalised invitations as well as save a substantial amount on your house party celebrations.

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  1. Hey Mary. It is a great article. I was planning a house party this weekend and I guess these tips will definitely help me in organising a frugal party. thanks once again :)