Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2011 Goals

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Today is the start of a new year and I have made the resolution to be more organized. This year has been a test of my strength and ability to keep going on minimum sleep. 2010 was basically ran by my grandmother’s needs since she feel and broke her hip in March 2010. She is getting better and is well on her way to walking by herself. 

My money goals are to save more money on groceries so that I can shift that money into a savings fund to get new tile in my kitchen. I hope to have enough saved by the summertime to have it installed. My current kitchen tile is wearing down. After I get my new kitchen floor I will start saving to get new siding for my home. That will take me awhile to save for.

My blogging goals is to make Mommy’s Money Cents bigger and better. I hope to bring you more deals to take advantage of and more couponing tips to help all of you newcomers to the coupon world. I also want to give more options to you to make extra money at home to help with your budgets. I also plan to share my opinions on products new and old, and when possible, offer giveaways. I also plan to start sharing frugal recipes that you can fix for your families that won’t break the bank. 2011 is going to be an interesting year for Mommy’s Money Cents, so stayed tuned. If you are not an email subscriber, join now so that you won’t miss out.

I also hope to revive a blog that I started in 2010 called Mommy’s Blogging Voyage. It is a blog that I started with the intent of sharing info on how to build a better blog through my experiences that I have had with Mommy’s Money Cents. I have a long journey since I became a new blogger and hope that I can help others. Stay tuned for new post, I will send an alert on Mommy’s Money Cents when I restart the effort.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

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