Thursday, August 6, 2009

How Do You Organize Yourself To Go Shopping?

Saving money at the grocery store is a concern for more and more households since the economy took a turn for the worse. I have had people stop me in the grocery store and ask do I really save money with my coupons and if it was worth the time and effort to use them. When one lady that looked to be in her 50's stopped and asked why I even bother, I asked her wouldn't she like to save upward of 45% of your grocery bill. She then said that she didn't believe that coupons could save you that much and that they are not worth the paper that they were printed on. I later noticed that she was behind me in line and when the cashier was finished ringing I asked her what my total was before coupons and she said $145.88 and then she rang up all the coupons and said that my new total was 61.23. I looked at the lady behind me and said that those worthless coupons just saved me over $80. While I was loading my groceries into the car she walked up and asked how I organize my coupons. I told her that I suggested The Couponizer system. It makes it easy for people to get organized enough to save each time at the register. If you don't have an organizational method for your household shopping, check out The Couponizer. It offers shopping lists, coupon organizational sleeves, a place to put your stores loyalty cards, a savings tracker, a CoupStacker, scissors, and a carrying bag.

For all of my readers, how do you keep organized for your household shopping? Do you use The Couponizer, a 3-ring binder, coupon wallet, or something that you created. Share with all of us here by leaving a comment.

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