Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Has Finally Started!

Summer vacation feels like it flew by. My daughter has been in school for 3 days now and the house is so quiet. I know most people would enjoy it (and sometimes I do) but I miss her being around. Seeing her get dressed her first day back made me realize how much she is growing up. She is in third grade this year and is showing more signs of her independence and not needing my help as much to do things. I guess you could say that I am realizing my baby is not a baby anymore. I guess that you can tell that she is an only child. She will be nine in November, it is so hard to believe that she will be a teenager in four years. Her vocabulary is expanding daily it seems. Sometimes I stop her and ask, "Do you know what that word means?", and to my surprise she does. Well she will be home in three and half hours so I better get some work done. I am definately glad that I am lucky enough to be working at home so that I am here when she gets off the bus. Till next time.........

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  1. Wow! You start school early! My baby will be starting grade 12 on Sept 9th. We do have school till the end of June here, so summer feels really short. Looking forward to the start of school (I drive a school bus), and having a regular routine again.
    Thanks so much for adding my button to your sidebar!!