Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do You Get Coupons From Magazines?

Since I started taking coupons more seriously I seem to find coupons everywhere, like in packages, mailers, online, the Sunday paper, and magazines. I just got my new issue of Good Housekeeping in mail and it had a few good coupons in it. The July issue has coupons for Easy Mac, Curad, Sweet'N Low, Simply Green, Mama Mary's Pizza Product, and Veggie Wash. It is also a good magazine for recipes and tips to use around the house. The July issue has a section about "BBQ on a Budget" and highlights products that are must have for the summer. There is also a great survival guide for job loss. Check out the widget below to get a 1-year subscription.

I also love to get my All you Magazine in the mail. Every issue is loaded with coupons. It always has great tips and articles that I enjoy reading.

Do you have any other magazines that you find coupons in? Please leave a comment to share it with others.

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