Friday, June 5, 2009

New Summer Blogging Schedule

I have noticed in the past few weeks I have not had much time to be online since my daughter got out of school. It seems that between work and her extra cirricular activities, I don't have much time left for online time. So I have decided that the following schedule will be the best to ensure that I have blogging time. I plan to blog on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Now taht being said, if I have time on the other days I will post.

New happenings here is that we just got through putting up a new above ground pool. It is the biggest that we have ever had. It was time consuming but well worth it. We spent Monday at Chucky Cheese, thank god for their coupons. We plan to go to the local zoo in the next couple of weeks, they let you in for free on Tuesdays after 2pm. If you check with your local zoo they may have a day that they offer free enterance.

So until next time....

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