Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do you use Coke Rewards?

I know that it is not a frugal thing to buy Coke Products, but my friends and family buy them a lot. I have about 5 people that save their caps and box codes and give them to me for my use. Once you have the codes it is easy to enter. You can either download a widget to your desktop to enter the codes directly at My Coke Rewards website. Currently you are allowed to enter 10 codes a day, but on Feb. 16th they are changing it to unlimited code entry up to 120 points a week. There are so many rewards that you can cash in your points to receive, like coupons, magazine subscriptions, t-shirts, gift certificates, and more. I recently have gotten the following prizes: 10 issues of Food Network Magazine , 12 issues of Better Homes and Gardens, 12 issues of Good Housekeeping, and a t-shirt. So I encourage you to tell your friends and family to save their coke product caps and codes so that you can rack up your points to enjoy the rewards Coke has to offer.

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