Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Give a Video Gift Card from Home Depot This Christmas

The Home Depot has unveiled a new line of video gift cards for the holidays letting customers personalize their cards from purchase to delivery. If you have someone who worships his/her tools or just likes Do-It-Yourself projects, the video gift cards are a great way to say you love them and think of them during the holidays. The video gift cards is also a great way to make a gift card be more of a special gift to people that you would normally send money or gift card in the mail.

There is a Gift Card option for every holiday buyer:

  • The tech-savvy gifter: Consumers have the option to record a personalized video and upload it to their eGift Card or traditional plastic Gift Card. Videos can be viewed online by the recipient.
  • The social gifter: Now, users can give The Home Depot Gift Cards to their friends via Facebook! They can choose a customized gift card, add a personalized message and design, and see their gift appear on the recipient's Facebook Wall.
  • Unique gifter: Choose from close to 20 unique designs, and four functional holiday carriers, found only in The Home Depot Stores. Designs include a pop-up Gift Card, a “naughty” or “nice” Gift Card, a card that offers some of our most popular project ideas and a real level (that actually works!).
Here is some of the gift card designs:

Click here to go to The Home Depot Gift Card Center to get more info on the new video gift cards.

Along with the new Video Gift Cards, The Home Depot has a new iPhone app that is for your DIY projects. It will help you save money and time on your projects.

The Home Depot’s new free mobile app includes:

  • A tape measurer that uses your shoe size to calculate any horizontal distance
  • An interactive caliper that measures the length or width of objects used for your home improvement project
  • A nut and bolt finder that helps you identify the size of an existing nut, bolt or screw

  • A room size calculator that helps you figure out how much paint, drywall, flooring or insulation to buy for a job
  • In-store maps of every Home Depot store in the U.S.
  • Hundreds of how-to DIY video guides and customizable supply lists
To read more about the new iPhone app, click here.

The Home Depot provided me with the info above and the opinions are mine. I received no compensation for this post.

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