Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Purchase a Couponizer and Get a FREE Calculator Pencil Box

Before becoming a work-at-home mom, the word “coupon” rang a different meaning to me than it does now. Coupons seemed like a drain of time when all you were getting was 35cents off an item. I would avoid getting behind people if I saw handfuls of coupons in their hands because I didn’t understand why they wasted their time.

Now, fast forward to now and I don’t leave the house without my coupons. I admit it took some tome for me to get used to using coupons, but with trial and error, grew a self proclaimed “Coupon Diva”. I am now the person they avoid getting behind, the nightmare customer for store employees who don’t want to scan through the mound of coupons that I have, and the person armed with the coupon policy in hand.

Good organization of your coupons and knowledge of how to maximize the savings is a necessity if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. There are many ways to organize them, a great method is to use The Couponizer. It is a coupon organization system that comes with a shopping list pair of scissors, sleeves for your store loyalty cards, CoupTracker, CoupStacker, and a clear carrying bag.

Currently, The Couponizer is running a Back-To-School Promotion that offers a FREE calculator pencil box with every purchase of The Couponizer.

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