Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why Do I Love Swagbucks?

Search & WinSwagbucks is a search engine that randomly issues points for searches done by its members. The searches are powered by Google and Ask. As well as earning from random searches you can earn points by shopping from one of the stores in their database, by trading in video games, old cell phones, submitting an idea for a poll, and inviting your friends to join using your referral id. Swag Codes, which are like a promo code to get a free Swagbuck, can be found periodically in the Swagbucks blog and on the Swagbucks Twitter page. If you download the toolbar you will receive a Swag Code in the toolbar’s mailbox.
What do you use the points that you earn for? Swagbucks has a “Prize” store setup that has things from apparel, books, collectibles, gift cards, band swag, and more. You will find Amazon Gift Codes and a $5 PayPal gift in the gift card section. I use them for Amazon bucks to get my gifts for Christmas.

Check out Swagbucks today and remember not to abuse the site. Swagbucks is first and foremost a search engine and should be treated as such. Points will come to you if you use Swagbucks as much as you would Google.

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