Friday, September 24, 2010

Review of Savings Angel

If you are a regular reader of Mommy’s Money Cents, you know that I am always looking for a good deal. I get a rush when I save more than 50% of my grocery bill. I know that sounds obsessive, but to me that feeling means that I have money to place in the budget elsewhere. So when I was asked to try out Savings Angel, I couldn’t pass up the chance. I, first of all, had never heard of the site. The first thing that I noticed is they have a great tutorial area of their site that helps you learn to navigate their site. After joining you will receive a call from your Angel Mentor. They are there to help you in your quest to use their site to save money each time you shop for groceries.

Savings Angel is a one-stop site that takes the local ads and matches coupons from manufacturers to create their database for each store. Once you bring up your stores deals and match-ups, you can create a personalized shopping list by placing a check mark by the items you want to save to your list. Once your list is completed you can print your list. If any of the coupons on your list are printables, you can print them with your list.

At the bottom of the personalized shopping list you will find the total that you will spend, amount you will save, and the percentage savings you will have. I find the list to be easy to understand. This is a tool that can be an asset to a family’s budget. I know that there are blogs, including mine, that list all of the store’s deals weekly for free, but a shopper has to go to several blogs/websites on the web to get the full picture of savings at a store. I know I spend a considerable amount of time researching deals before I take the leap to the grocery store but I choose to do it since my budget needs me too. Savings Angel is a premium site that charges $19.95 a month. That equates to $5 a week.

Savings Angel also has a referral program. It gives you $10 when someone is referred using your affiliate number. They will then pay you $5 for every month after the first 60 days of their membership. If you were to refer 4 people, that would be enough to cover the cost of the membership fee.

So how do I feel about Savings Angel? I think that it is a well thought out site that would work for anyone who wants to save money on their groceries but don’t want to take the time to do research online to find the best deals, print coupons from online, or match Sunday paper coupons to each ad every week on their own. It is a site that will allow you to make a quick shopping list for the store of your choice and quickly gather coupons together (if organized). Then, if you followed the list you printed out, can walk out of the store knowing exactly how much you spent and saved.

(I was given a free 10 day subscription of  Savings Angel in hopes of me reviewing their site. Along with the subscription I am eligible for the referral program and if anyone joins under my affiliate ID, I will earn compensation. The views expressed in this review are of mine and only mine.)

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